What are the main causes of heart disease?

October 31, 2009 by Kenneth  
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In his ebook “The great cholesterol lie” Dr Dwight Lundell teaches that the long established view that cholesterol causes heart disease is wrong and that heart disease is caused by chronic low grade inflammation that can be treated by simple means.

Dr Lundell graduated from Arizona University Medical School and then completed his studies in cardiovascular surgery at Yale University. Over a 25 year period he practised as a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon and during that time he has performed over 5000 heart surgeries. He has also pioneered heart surgery without the use of a bypass machine (Chapter 1).

In “The great cholesterol lie” I found the most value in the fact that Dr. Lundell doesn’t just tell you that the cause of heart disease is chronic inflammation he first explains very clearly in layman’s terms what inflammation is(chapter 3) and then explains it carefully within the context of heart disease(chapter 4). If you have struggled with scientific concepts before you don’t have to worry here. Dr Lundell paints a very clear picture of what is happening in your body and you are left in no doubt what to do next with the information you just learned.

This ebook is really a self-help manual on how to prevent and cure heart disease. Most self-help manuals just get on with the practical self-help from chapter one. Dr Lundell doesn’t have this privilege as he points out that in the case of cholesterol “concepts have become consensus”, meaning that ideas about what causes heart disease have become fact without the evidence to support them. In view of this he dedicates two chapters first explaining why the original premise that cholesterol was the cause of heart disease is wrong (chapter 2) and a second chapter (chapter 5) explaining what his 25 years of experience have taught him to be the actual cause of heart disease. Chapters 6,7,8 carry a lot of practical advice on how to combat heart disease more along the lines of a traditional self help manual.

I must admit it took me a little time to put everything I had learned about cholesterol to one side and to start thinking about heart disease in terms of inflammation. When reading the ebook I soon realised I had been conditioned like many others to accept the current view about cholesterol put out by the mass media and market and had never really sought an alternative explanation to the cause of heart disease. If you get nothing else from the reading of this ebook the take home message is that there are always two sides to every story. Yes! Even a science story. When the story is as important as this just paying attention to the other side could mean the difference between life and death.

The only thing I felt this ebook could use was a more detailed explanation of the blood marker/s of inflammation. Please let me explain. In chapter 5 Dr.Lundell explains that the body produces C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in response to inflammation and that the latter is the marker of inflammation in the blood. He goes on to emphasize that in the near future a CRP test will be used as a primary indicator of heart disease and other related diseases.

The fact that CRP can be an indicator of other related diseases as well as heart disease got me thinking about how specific CRP was as a marker of inflammation in heart disease. I fired up Google and soon discovered that CRP is in fact a non-specific marker of inflammation. That is, if you have a simple cold, ankle sprain or tooth abscess your CRP is probably high but it may not necessarily mean that your heart and brain are in danger. I felt that the author could have emphasized that CRP was a non-specific marker because for me after finding this out the question that still remains unanswered by the ebook is under what circumstances does lowering your CRP actually matter when it comes to heart disease? I can understand why Dr. Lundell has probably had to compromise on this point when faced with the limitations of having to write for a lay audience. On the positive side Dr Lundell does give a resource website (p.135) about the latest research on CRP but hopefully he will produce a follow-on ebook that will address in more detail for a lay audience what the results of a CRP test actually mean.

In this particular case with Dr Lundell’s ebook I feel 100% comfortable that based on the promises made in the sales letter, this ebook doesn’t leave any questions unanswered or promises unfilled. Furthermore, at the end of the ebook (pp.134-136) he provides an extensive list of resources for further reading and even a web address where you can ask him any questions you may have about what you have read.

The great cholesterol lie

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